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Summary: "For my clan and for my kingdom I will kill you"

Nicholas Shan

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: The Guardians


(Humans like creatures with dark skin, with eyes that are yellow, orange, green, neon blue or white and have vertical pupils. Their hair colors are green, white, blue, gold, silver, red and purple, they live just a little longer then humans. They are really loyal and brave. They have sharp teeth, they are stronger then humans, but not by much. They run faster then normal humans by 2% )


Trapper, warrior
Bondage magic, skilled in archery, fire magic, traps, using spears and pikes



Physical Appearance

The Pic, 6' 2
Brown skin, golden hair, yellow eyes.


Quiet, quick thinker, a huge strategist and planner


Nick was a trapper in the far mountains of O-bera. In the mountains is his clan, which is the Retan Clan. They served the kingdom ever since the second king saved the clan from ruthless dark elves who planned on killing them. Nick moved to the kingdom when he was 16 and enter the knight training program, he had higher scores then anyone else, so he was put in as a guardian, due to his loyalty and strength.


Spears, pikes, his magic bandages.

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Image of Nicholas Shan
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