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Summary: ~I'll Kill the doctor so we can achieve our mission!~


Gender: Male

Age: 468 ( 30 for his race)

Group: Bad Guys

Race and Nationality

Dremica-(humanoid beings that leaves really long, their technology is based on Zuthium energy, an energy from the Hellverse, a dimension known for taking over other dimensions. The Dremica are beleived to be demons that got stuck in our dimension, evolving into what they are now, all Dremica are trying to reopen the portal so the demons can come from the Hellverse and merged this dimension into the Hellverse, like many others before it. )



Skilled in combat, has powerful weaponry at his disposable, his suit


He is known as the world destroyer, going from planet to planet taking their resources, people, and technology. The energy he used, Zuthium in it's purest form causes madness, anger, and physical changes. The color of this energy is red, so the ships are black with glowing red parts

Physical Appearance

The pic

Personality and interests

Wants to open a portal to the Hellverse, cruel, serious, will kill anyone to do what he wants.


Numita like many other Dremcia had to fight to get to his position, he ruled the Dremcia with an iron fist, doing whatever they can so they can open the portal, they have been stopped a couple times by the Doctor, Numita sees him as a vital problem to his mission, so he wants to kill him


He has the weaknesses of an normal human, so what they can't handle, he is a little bullet proof without his suit, but not by much, he is twice as strong as a normal human, but a shot to the head will kill him, if it goes through his helmet.

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Image of Numita
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