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Summary: No lock can stop her, no door can block her, and no secret can hide from her.

Vivienne Leeds

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: The Crew

Race and Nationality

21st Century American


Computer Programming and Securities Hacking,


Gymnastics and Parkour


Vivienne is mostly known through her infamous hacker handle, Robyn_Hood and her association with a labeled "terrorist" organization called Transparence.

Physical Appearance

Vivienne has brown hair and brown eyes, is about average height and weight for a tweenage white girl, and she appears to be in decent enough shape.

Personality and interests

Vivienne is a fairly private person except for around a few close friends. Unfortunately, now they're all dead, so she's quite morose on top of being uncommunicative.

Vivienne passion of late has been to reveal the truth behind the lies that the government has been telling people, using her hacking skills to uncover classified information and distribute it newspapers that could publish her findings. Now that the government has been destroyed, she her new purpose take revenge upon the aliens that destroyed her friends.


Raised in a middle class family in New York City, Vivienne became very close to a group of three other girls, Amelia, Courtney, and April that she took gymnastics lessons with as a kid, and that relationship became a lifelong thing.

All the girls went to New York University, with Vivienne and Amelia taking Computer Science courses while April took Political Science courses Courtney took Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender studies. The 9-11 Terrorist attacks brought down the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, the effect of that and the subsequent Patriot Act and the paranoia of almost everyone deeply affecting the girls. Two years later, they all graduated.

They all struggled to find work as they continued to live together. All the while, April espoused her radicalized political views which had been shaped by one of her professors, until all the girls came to believe that 9-11 had been a government conspiracy to justify cracking down on the rights of its citizens for their supposed safety while going to war in the middle east to get better access to the oil wealth in that part of the world.

The girls decided to find the truth out for themselves. Calling themselves Transparance, with April as their leader, Courtney as their primary writer and spokeswoman, and Vivienne and Amelia as factfinders, the girls set out to show the world the truth about what their government was actually up to.

After a number of adventures in which the girls went from being amateur revolutionaries to veteran criminals, the girls managed to draw the ire of the FBI and still managed to remain anonymous.

On one particular adventure, Vivienne and Amelia broke into a government vault and stole an artifact that they had learned the existance called the Skeleton Key. The Skeleton Key could open any lock, and it had a USB stick that could be used to break into any computer. Using the Skeleton Key, Vivienne could easily steal money from banks to finance Transparance, and things looked like they were on the rise.

Then the aliens came, finding the girls far quicker than the FBI. April and Courtney were quickly killed by them, Vivienne and Amelia managed to escape and hide, but Amelia was discovered and presumably killed as well. Now Vivienne is the only one left, with the Skeleton Key, pepper spray, her purse, the clothes on her back, and couple hundred bucks, she will somehow have to escape, and then make the villains pay...


Vivienne is not a particularly friendly person even at the best of times, and this is definitely not the best of times.

Vivienne is not much of a fighter and doesn't handle herself well when things get violent.

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Image of Vivienne Leeds
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