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Summary: Why not, it can be done.

Alexander Tempest

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Gender: Male

Age: looks 50 unknown

Group: The Crew

Race and Nationality

Human, born in the United States time frame unknown.


Space-time continuum Techno-Wizard in is somewhat of an amalgamation of an alchemist, a spell caster, and an operator. They are magic users who have learned to combine technology and magic. Though Techno-Wizards can use scrolls and cast spells, they focus on the creation of magical devices. These magic users have learned to direct their magical powers into machines, enabling them to do wondrous and stupefying things that at times seem to defy the laws of science. Techno-Wizard devices require power from space-time continuum to activate. Techno-Wizards tend to be bold, daring and adventurous, at least in the experimentation of devices.

The concept of a space-time continuum as a model for understanding parts of the universe goes hand in hand with Magic and technology. According to Continuum of Time University, this theory helped draw connections between space and time and led scientists to understand that there had to be a relationship between the two. Space takes up three dimensions, while time takes up one, so space-time has four dimensions. Because Scientists and Wizards do not believe that there are any holes or gaps in this multidimensional object, it is considered a continuum. Another property of the fabric of space-time is that it can be divided and subdivided without any limits. Any object or event throughout history has a place and can be described by its location on the space-time continuum.

favored magic-tech capability “Time step.” He thinks that time stops around him, but the reality is he moves at such a speed that it gives that effect. At that incredible speed he can do this for about 15 sec on average 30 sec wants but he collapses afterwards. He disappears from site. Then in the real world or time things like the weapon they were holding vanishes. Their pants fall they are suddenly turned in a different direction ect. This will strain the body and can not be performed all the time.


Known of his Knowledge of the space-time continuum and messing it up at times making a fool of himself.
Been known for the development of Time step.

Physical Appearance

Physical description: He looks like a fit man in his appears fifty's. brown hair with gray, blue eyes. He is of medium stature. His is 6', weight 190 lb, and tan skin. he likes to ware dress pants and matching shirt with a color that will best match his surroundings and a duster, with boots. He has been known to were robs that makes him look like he just graduated with a PHD in a University.

Personality and interests

Alexander lives and loves to outwit opponents in combat, persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities and so forth. He is best for the Stealth and Thinker and a loyal friend and so mostly turns his talents on the enemy. He often has some respect for the rights of others; but, again, with a good enough justification provided, he may allow himself to be convinced that a Lawful action can be a bent. He doesn’t mind being in ranged combat but up and personal is his favorite. In combat he likes to be doing something clever or spectacular Using stealth and tactics to get around. The loosening rocks on the hillside above to drop down on the enemy, persuading one of the enemy’s allies to turn on the enemy, anything that will demonstrate his mental superiority over the enemy. He is often the party’s negotiator, as he loves talking with other people and getting the best possible deal for himself and his friends. He will adapt himself to the personality of the person he’s talking to concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other opponent. It’s very hard to find out what the he is actually thinking or feeling.

Intuitive Space-time continuum Techno-Wizard he knows functions and operations of most machine or device. A skill and his natural intelligence are combined allows him to conceive, design and build, operate, modify and disassemble any technology or create countermeasures for it, A can tinker with just about anything – electrical, Mechanical, weapons devices he can maintain, reaper, and modify them. He studies cutting edge science that includes, and weapons but has limited weapons training.


Born and raised in the us, Alexander grew up in the constant shadow of the Enemies of the Space-time continuum. He had been part of the Space-time continuum University from the age of 15 He joined the University to become the best he can be. His time in service has earned him a number of awards and citations after he left the University be signed up to become an Space-time continuum Techno-Wizard after graduation, he was approached for a position on a Special mission by the University. Mission Alex thinks there was stuff happening in the back ground he could not see. He took the assignment after his old Professor told him to take it. How did he in here well that is another story that can be told later.

Ancient Mystical Order of the Crystal Dawn

An elite organization of land-owners, the Order of Crystal Dawn recognizes Techno-Wizard acumen and successful resource management. It provides Monitoring advice and technical advice on Space-time continuum to its members and serves the community with support and technical counseling. Members of the order, having demonstrated grate Technical knowledge responsibility throughout their careers, are no longer bound by the Police stricture that forbids the accumulation of wealth. However, members are still expected to use their wealth for good purposes and are not allowed to acquire material possessions merely for the pleasure of ownership.

Requirements: A candidate must have a minimum education and have a PHD in Technical knowledge Space-time continuum.

Organization: A chapter, consisting of 20 to 40 members, is governed by seven High Officers known as Professor Regents. Replacement Regents come from the rank and file, elected by a vote of the active Regents. To qualify as a Regent, a member must have the Law proficiency in Space-time continuum, and the net worth of his stronghold and property must have doubled since he joined the order. The oldest Regent, called the Senior Regent, chairs the meetings.

The Regents handle the Investigations of the Space-time continuum and distribute Missions to eligible members. They also provide technical advice, at any time, to any member person in trouble. The Regents also mediate in legal disputes among Wizards. Any Wizard may petition the Regents for a hearing, regardless of whether he’s a member of the order. The disputing parties must agree in advance to abide by the Regents’ decision. The Regents’ decisions are considered legally binding by most governments. All Regents have their names inscribed on a commemorative plaque, prominently displayed on the University wall of the order’s Senior Regent.
Emblem: Organization crest on a stone
Motto: Peace from Time


He can take a hit, he can give a hit, he could even cry from it.
Has a habit of overthinking things and trying to hard the effect messing everything up.

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Image of Alexander Tempest
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