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Summary: If you're on the TARDIS watch how you tread. She's always watching; The Girl in Red

The Girl In Red

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Gender: Appears Female

Age: Unknown (Probably Ancient)

Group: Lone Travelers

Race and Nationality

Unknown but can appear as human




The Doctor never spoke of her. Perhaps she never appeared to him.

Physical Appearance

At a glace she appears as a little redheaded girl. But any degree of scrutiny and it becomes clear that she's something else entirely. Under shadow she appears as a completely whole entity, but in the light she's seen to be slightly translucent.

Personality and interests

She's very curt and to the point. Her voice carries a tone that's both innocent and a menacing in one. Small talk is lost on her as she'll often vanish once she's said what needs to be said.


Is she a fragment of the ship's AI made manifest or just a lost soul from one of the Doctor's past adventures. Perhaps a ghost in the machine, even?


Seems to be bound to the TARDIS.

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Image of The Girl In Red
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