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Summary: I am a Utopian Series-7 Domestic Companion designed by Living Image Media Group

Nurse Betty

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Gender: Female

Age: 2 years

Group: Lone Travelers

Race and Nationality

Artificial Humanoid - "Utopian Series-7 Domestic Companion designed by Living Image Media Group."


Originally Design Package -Domestic Companion, Entertainment, And Pleasure Model.

Further adapted to act as-Administrative Assistant, Diplomatic Aide, Cultural and Languages Specialist.

Dr Jurran's further expanded skill set-Emergency Medical,
General & Specialist Nursing, Health & Fitness, and Shuttle Pilot.


None to speak of ...

Physical Appearance

Appearance wise Betty has a lean build with fair skin remarkable blue eyes and tends to wear her dark hair short but stylish given that long hair just tends to get in the way.

More often than not Betty can be seen wearing one of the dozen or so hostile environmental skin suits Dr Jurran bought her. Not because she lacks pretty things to wear but because she prefers function over form.

Personality and interests

With the recent purge of her memory by Dr Jurran, everything old is new again.

Currently Betty really has no idea what she is or is not interested in and is very child like regarding her exploration of the world around her. This want however is tempered by her fear of wandering to far from Dr Jurran.


The former property and executive assistant of one Senator Kurt Westfall of the Central Worlds. She along with the Senators shuttle were stolen right off the deck of the Central Worlds Naval Escort Carrier Essex by an aircrew very much intent upon leaving the service.

Some months later the Shuttle craft was impounded by Internal Security to cover the rather sizable debts of its registered owners the shuttle along with all property left aboard was sold to Dr Jurran no questions asked.

Her memories purged and renamed Betty was reactivated and repurposed as Nurse and Aid to Dr Jurran.


Domestic Model ( Originally designed for Domestic tasks Betty is not designed with either Strength or Endurence in mind and can and will suffer injury if she exceeds her physical limits.)

Limited Activity Cycle ( Depending upon the level of physical demand Betty can only remain active for 6 to 12 hours. 12 being associated with very limited activity. )

Long Recharge Cycle ( Betty's on board power plant recharges at a rate of 4 to 1 hours in a rest cycle. Connected to ships power her recharge rate is roughly 2 = 1 hours )

Emergency Shutdown ( Domestic Companions are not designed to handle extreme duress be it emotional or physical torture and will self-deactivate once a certain threshold is reached.)

Short Service Life (Domestic Companions have a limited lifespan of roughly 7 to 10 Years.)

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