This ship is clear!

"Hey... Cap...," Krueger's voice crackled in over the intercom.

"Mister Krueger, are you alright?" Ogden asked, stepping through a demolished pressure door.

"Yeah... Just a little winded. Though you might wanna know... Doc McBones and Obi Wan have taken one bug down and the second one's guts are splattered all across the command center, now," Krueger reported.

"Good work, everyone. That just leaves one. Get back to work on the repairs. As soon as we've dealt with this last one I want to concentrate on helping the city below," Ogden ordered. Then to Vivienne and Lyra, "This way, ladies. I see a blood- err... goo trail."

The trail led them down a ladderwell and onto a yellow and black catwalk. Cautiously, he peaked over the edge. It was a massive, vertical shaft- easily a mile wide, which ran so deep that it dissapeared into the distance. The catwalk ran all the way around the perimeter with other doors and various pieces of equipment at uneven intervals. Occasionally bits purple and blue light flashed across at the far reaches of his vision. 'Graphene Shift Field Depolarizer,' a rusty sign read.

Ogden had no idea what that meant, but he stepped out onto the catwalk. The centuries-old metal creaked under his weight. There was a screach from the next door down and an office chair went flying out and down the bottomless pit.

"Alright ye beasty!" Ogden called and surged ahead.

He hadn't quite reached the door when the arachnid stepped out.

"You've... lost your head," was all Ogden could think to say.

Indeed, the monster was short one head. And yet, still it attached! Ogden instinctively blocked the first blow with his ice axe, which immediately frosted the arachnid's appendage and sent a crack along its length. The second attack was wide and sweeping. Ogden jumped back to avoid it. As he did, he felt the entire catwalk shift and something metallic grazed the wall on its way to the depths.

"Eh, knock it off! You'll get us all killed," he barked but if the arachnid could hear him (you know, without a head) it showed no signs of it.

Instead it charged, knocking him over the side! He caught the railing and the catwalk shifted again, nearly causing him to loose his grip. Oh dear!

But Ogden was no pushover! Well, except for just then. But no more of this foolishness from a decapitated bug! He easily yanked himself back up and slammed hus axe into the arachnid. It fought back, slashing and stabbing at him. But in the end, he brought the weapon down into its nonexistent head. It nearly split the creature in twain and froze it's entire upper torso. It fell off the side, taking the frost ave with it.

Ogden stood there, huffing from the great battle. And then the catwalk began to creak again, this time much louder! The grame was shifting.

"Oh dear!" he screamed, running for the door.

It gave way underneath him. As it fell away, he only just managed to catch the edge of the doorway with his fingertips. He hurriedly threw his other hand up before loosing his grip and pulled himself up.

"Alright... that's the last one. Somebody please remind me to look into getting us all some guns. ...And rocket packs," he called up to the intercom.

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