Its Dead Jim

"Rocket packs?" Jurran sounded in astonishment. " Don't tell me he just said Rocket Packs."

Jurran couldn't help but laugh to herself while shaking her head in disbelief.

"Honestly who even says Rocket Packs anymore ?" Jurran mumbled to herself just imagining herself stuck in a sick bay overloaded with moron's who had suffered Rocket powered mishaps and countless burn injuries.

"Speaking of which, where is the medical bay on this floating fortress of ours ?"


Leaving tech-wizard to his work and using the shipboard mapping interface loaded onto her Persa-com it didn't take to long for Jurran to find her way through the endless maze of corridors to where the ships systems told her the Medical Facility was located.

The portal opened in the wall before her and the room lights flaring to an almost blind white. Jurran eyes taking a moment to adjust before she could nod her approval at what lay before her.

Unlike the last three Hellholes she'd been assigned to this one was neat and in good order and free of dust. If there was anything that was off putting about it. It was the fact that there was a desiccated humanoid corpse laid out on one of the examination tables.

"Is there supposed to be a corpse in the Medical Bay ?"


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