The Hacker in Her Element

While the rest of the expanding crew of space-time travelers was going about various adventures and fighting off various threats, Vivienne had made a point of being as scarce as possible. Martial combat was something Vivienne typically made a point of avoiding, and so she decided to leave that stuff to the experts while she looked for something less violent... which was basically a diplomatic way of saying she ran and hid like the coward that she was. However, in her search for a place to escape the wrath of the ice trolls, she had managed to find a computer lab, and weirdly enough, her old friend the Skeleton Key laying on a desk. She had lost it at some point before or after coming onboard. How it had gotten here was a huge mystery, but Vivienne wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Using the Skeleton Key, Vivienne was able to log into the computers and begin playing around a wee bit before she got frustrated with her lack of understanding of the languages it used.

A little while later, once Lyra and Professor O had fought off the ice trolls, Vivienne checked out the library and found some textbooks she believed could help her figure out these alien languages. Many hours, likely even days (it was hard to keep track of time in this place) later, Vivienne had started to get a grasp of this Gallifreyan language and the programming language used by the ship's computer systems, and soon thereafter, she had been able to browse the system's files and get past the firewall. She read the ship's production, maintenance, and repair history in an attempt to try to figure out what this thing was all about, but most of that information was meaningless to her.

Growing bored, she decided to look at the current security footage be taken by hidden cameras throughout the ship. To say she was surprised would be an understatement. There was an utterly staggering amount of rooms on this ship. How the hell all of this fit inside that small little police box made absolutely no sense to her. Fortunately, she was able to filter the displayed footage to rooms that had sentient life forms present in them, and now she had a manageable amount displays.

Apparently, the crew had expanded a lot, or well, hopefully, those people were crew members and not hostile invaders. Perhaps some of them had been here earlier and the mysterious "Doctor" had conveniently failed to mention them. It would probably be a good idea to inform Professor O and Lyra to their presence, just in case they didn't know about these strangers, and besides, Vivienne was famished. She hadn't had anything to eat in god knows how long...

After taking one last look at the cameras to try to map a route to the room she saw Professor O in, she began to make her way through the ship back towards the strange man. It would be good to talk to him and figure out what to do from here, as Vivienne really didn't know what to do with her life now that all of her friends were dead along with most of humanity and she was now more or less stranded on an alien space ship/time machine with people she didn't really know. At least Professor O seemed to have a somewhat reasonable head on his shoulders and Lyra was pretty nice. Hopefully, the others wouldn't be too bad either.

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