All hands!

"Alright, let's see...," Professor (or was it captain?) Ogden Von Winkleheim muttered as he paced in the cafeteria.

The title of 'captain' was a new one for him. Hm... couldn't be that different from leading a research team, right? Of course, that was better than ten years ago. He looked up at his crew. At his behest, they'd all gathered. Even the reclusive Vivienne came shuffling in. He nodded his appreciation to her. Some were eating. But all were staring at him. He didn't want to let them down. Like him, none of them had much left beyond this ship and each other.

"Progress report. Mr. Krueger, how are the repairs coming along?" he asked, finally.

The engineer removed his fedora to reveal a head full of sweaty, matted hair. Even his mustache, normally more magnificent than the setting sun on a summer's eve, looked tired and disheveled.

"Well, the internal sensors are more or less up and running. Shield emitters are all recalibrated, too. Compensated for the gravimetric charge imbalance by re-routing power through the multi-spacial gearbox. Should keep them from drifting out of alignment again. So if Alex knows what he's talking about, that should make time travel a lot more predictable. The ship's still a mess, though. I've found so many half-assed repaire jobs... it's like whoever had this ship before was patching it up with nothing but a screwdriver or something. Still working on ideas to arm this little tug boat, too. I'll have to get back to you on that," Krueger reported tiredly.

"Thank you, please keep on it. Mr. Tempus, you're the resident time-travel expert. How are we looking, capability wise? If we have to pursue Fate, we're going to have to time-travel to do it," Ogden said.

After Alexander's report, he turned to Doctor Jurran.

"Doctor, I'm afraid I couldn't dig up any info on your guest in the infirmary. The Shaving Robot didn't have much to say on the subject and the ship's former 'Doctor' wasn't much for record keeping. When you get the time, examine it and see what you can dig up," he said.

Then he turned his bushy gaze on the two remaining women.

"Vivienne and Lyra, I'm afraid I don't have any official roles for you yet. We'll have to work on that. Is there anything either of you have experience in that might be useful here?" he asked.

Then, after hearing their responses, "Now to the matter at hand. We've been up here for at least a couple of hours now. Meanwhile, Fate's arachnids have been down in the colony, running amok the whole time. Who knows how many people those heathens have killed. We need to do something about it. Any suggestions?"

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