Saving Humans is Terrific

"Vivienne and Lyra, I'm afraid I don't have any official roles for you yet. We'll have to work on that. Is there anything either of you have experience in that might be useful here?"

"I'm super handy with computers," Vivienne volunteered. "Perhaps I can design a webpage for our totally non-profit fundraising organization Saving Humans Is Terrific. Or I could program a killer robot if somebody else can build it."

"Now to the matter at hand. We've been up here for at least a couple of hours now. Meanwhile, Fate's arachnids have been down in the colony, running amok the whole time. Who knows how many people those heathens have killed. We need to do something about it. Any suggestions?"

"Well with the range of hostile Insectoids species I've encountered. I've always found that targeted biological weapons are the most effective means of killing them quickly and cleanly. That said there is the danger of exposure with a civilian population in play so your going to need to use something in non-lethal range of deterrents. In that case I would suggest using a Ultra high-frequency sound based detterent. Maybe weaponized audio transmitters keyed to a frequency that will repel the little bastard far enough away that we can hit them with something more lethal at range. Either way it's your call."

"Or we could burn them at the stake," Vivienne added. "Burning heathens at the stake worked pretty well for the Catholic Church for a millennia."

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