Putting a plan into action

"...I would suggest using an ultra high-frequency sound based detterent. Maybe weaponized audio transmitters keyed to a frequency that will repel the little bastards far enough away that we can hit them with something more lethal at range," the doctor offered up her suggestion. "Either way it's your call."

"Mister Krueger, does that sound like something that you can whip up on the fly?" Ogden asked.

Ogdent turned his head as he addressed the engineer.

"What is that?" he asked, noticing the overly phallic, metal object in his hand.

Still, tightening a screw, "Done."

"What the! How did you...?" Ogden asked, completely confounded.

"When you're best, you're the best, Cap," Krueger replied.

"I... Alright, it seems we have a plan. I'll set us down on the edge of the city and we'll move in and push them towards the mines. We should be able to seal them in there. Mr. Krueger, we'll each need one of those," Ogden ordered.

There was a clatter and Ogden looked to see half a dozen of the phallic devices, one buzzing, on the table in from of Krueger. He nonchalantly reached over and turned the UHF emitter off.

"Ready when you are," Krueger said, adjusting his fedora.

"Alright then," was all Ogden could say.

Several minutes later, the TARDIS materialized in an alleyway on the outskirts of the colony. The door opened and Professor O's ragtag crew emerged, UHF emitters in hand and buzzing.

"Alright, my comrades. Let's go," he said.

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