O I am here, whats this?

Alexander had been wondering the halls it seemed forever. For a genius you don’t remember the way back he thought to himself. This place is enormous with more corridors than the university. He stopped and looked around. “This look familiar,” he said to himself, looking down the corridor. “Well damn, here he go!” he said as he took two steps. “Time step,” he said. Vanishing form site, he could barely make the turns as he raced down the corridors. He heard someone talking and some vibration noises. He could only imagine what the others were up to. As he followed everyone out of the Tardis, everyone looked frozen in time all talking about something. He could see everyone had some type of device he saw one. After reaching and picking up one of the new devises the time step expired. He could feel the stress on his body and he felt a little dizzy.

Appearing on the ramp out of nowhere next to everyone. “Miss anything?” Alexander asked the group. Then not waiting on an answer he said, “Oh by the way, fixed a whole lot of power conduits. Hopefully we don’t blow up now.” He held up the device and looked at it intently then laughed. “Oh, tic repulse devices. Do we have a tic problem now?” he said with a smile. He looked at everyone then stared at Lyra. "Oh it’s the pretty girl. Tell me it's Miss not Mrs Williams I think your last name was,” he said, walking over to Lyra. “If you need help with anything, let me know please,” talking with a smile. Then he turned to Kreuger, "Are we on another bug hunt? They are so grose and when you kill them, they splatter everywhere and smell too.” He waited looking at the device in his hands.

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