Saving the colony

"Is there a reason these buzzy things are in this shape?" Lyra asked.

"Oh, that's easy... Krueger here is a pervert who comes from a long line of perverts," Dr. Jurran said, examining her own UHF emitter.

"Hey, form fits function, sweety," Krueger said with a wink.

"So, is it a point and click device or do we try to scare them by threatening to shove it up their arse?" Jurran joked as they all began down the alleyway.

"Trust me, I've fought one of these things up close. They have no asses! Just point it at them. The UHF signal coming out of the tip right now should be enough to scare most of them away. The dial at the base will turn it up, if ya run into any persistent ones," Krueger explained, pointing to the red dial.

"Oh, so that was why he requested a room that was conjoined with mine. Let me guess, he has a thing for redheads," Lyra commented to Jurran. "I'm not sure which I like less, the arachnids or Mr. Krueger," Lyra said.

"You're giving him too much credit. I honestly doubt his preferences are limited in any cosmetic sense, given that as I recall his last sexual conquest involved a humanoid female with tentacles for hair," Jurran replied.

Fitting the UHF emitter to her belt, she offered a hint of a smirk.

"Dear lady, you wound me with such words!" Krueger said, putting his hand on his chest with mock indignation. "And for your information, I was the conquest. Not her. Humans are actually quite the fetish in certain parts of the galaxy, you know."

After that, he drifted away from the girl-talk and was approached by Alexander Tempest.

"Are we on another bug hunt? They are so gross and when you kill them, they splatter everywhere and smell too," the man asked Krueger.

"Perhaps Mister Tempest, if you'd bothered attending the briefing, you would be more informed," Ogden said.

Krueger looked at his captain. The strain on his face was unmistakable. He had a lot riding on his shoulders, after all.

As they rounded the corner and stepped out onto a main street, it was dead silent.

"Is everyone already dead?" Kruger asked grimly, pointing the UHF emitter one way and his laz pistola the other.

"Help me! Somebody help me!" a woman's voice called out, shattering the silence.

Around a building, a wide-eyed woman came running. She was clutching a child to her chest as an Arachnid chased her. Then another and another appeared.

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