Mixing Technologies Killing bugs

Around a building, a wide-eyed woman came running. She was clutching a child to her chest as an Arachnid chased her. Then another and another appeared.

“This figures” says Alexander. He reaches into a punch on his belt and pulls out a small medal dowel. The stick it is black with circuitry over the surface he holds the UHF Emitter to it the two start to melt and bind together shaping in to a sword. Alexs says “iunguntur inter duos liget Carmina Burana” as the sword takes form. The hand and half sword of a knight with gold trim. He looks and says “wow it worked grate. Excalibur let see you work.” he swings the sword through the air it makes a ring sound the Arachnids stop and shake.

Suddenly Alex moves forward with blinging speed disappearing from site at times. As translucent silver streak of light comes from the sword and Alex. He cuts the first with a side swing of the sword there was a deafening ring as he passes it swing the other way passing the next. He disappears from site appearing near the third with his sword thrusted into it. the first Arachnid fell in to two as Arachnid blood sprayed everywhere. The second Arachnid just seem to burst in to a spry and cover the area. the last one just hit the ground hard as the blood gushed out the back.

Alex pulled the sword out and moved back to the other next to the women with the baby “Madam, are you ok? we are her to help you.” he looks at the others smiles and sayas “I like this sword.” He turns and runs off into an ally way coming out the other side he sees the two girls come out of a store. “Ladys, need help?”

As the man began to weep. Vivienne muttered, "Anyway, back to saving the world with my metal penis," and promptly fled the store...

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