Bug Fighters on Colony One

" Point and dick. " Jurran chuckled to herself walking the length of the concourse using the phallic shaped sonic disruptor to pop a bug body into gory chunks.

Honestly this hadn't really been what she had been thinking when she had suggested a High Frequency sound emitter to cause the bug bodies to flee the colony but it did the job well enough so she had no complaints.

She paused than seeing another pair of bugs scramble away from her as she took aim and let loose another burst from the weapon. The pair of bugs exploding into more gory bits.

" This is all kinds of fun and everything but do we have an actual plan on how to deal with these things in the long term or are we just gonna play bug hunters and keep zapping them with these glorified bug swatter's ? "

She paused than thoughtfully.

" If we could wire one of these bad boys into the colonies public address system and transmit on a low frequency carrier signal we could clear the whole colony in short order I think..."

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