Bu Odin! The story continues!

"If we could wire one of these bad boys into the colonies public address system and transmit on a low frequency carrier signal we could clear the whole colony in short order I think..." Dr. Jurran said as she wasted another arachnid.

"By Odin, that's a great idea!" Ogden called, though his words were cut off as he himself was assaulted by an arachnid.

He nimbly sidestepped the deadly attack and lashed out with a powerful punch that cracked the creature's shell.

"Back, if ye know what's good for ya! I've never been a man of violence, but it seems this world's dead-set on making one of me," he said as it stumbled back.

Before it could recover, he snatched the UHF emitter from his trouser pocket and took aim. The arachnid immediately fell back and began scrambling away.

"Mr. Krueger, go with Dr. Jurran. The rest of us will push on towards the central tower and drive them off for as long as we can. Mr. Tempest, is there any chance you could craft another sword for myself? Perhaps something a bit bigger," he ordered.

"Sure thing, Cap. Well Doc, it seems we have a date with destiny," Krueger said, adjusting his fedora with one hand, while twirling the UHF emitter in his other.

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