Making Somthing New

Alex looked back at the Professor and said, “well no, not the same devices I use are a turned to me and me only. But I could add that to another sword.” He pauses and opens a cargo pocket mumbles some words and reaching into it with his hole arm he moves it around a bit. then pulls a heavy Calvary saber out of his pants cargo pocket. “This is The Ole Wrist Breaker. The weight of the sword gave the impression that, when wielded strongly in a downward stroke, the momentum developed could not be slowed by the frail human wrist. This sword, also called a dragoon heavy cavalry saber.” The steel blade is curved with a flat, wide back and is single-edged. The hilt has a nice bronze patina. Original brown leather grips with double twisted brass wire wound around the handle in perfect condition. Very nice iron scabbard has a light blue patina. “An excellent example of an officer’s cavalry saber.” He walks over to the Professor let me see the UHF thing he lays it in the handle saying some magic words the UHF melds into the Saber. It`s reforms the handle now changed. “You can put a power source here the button is here, the sword is made of the strongest metal. but a little heavier.” Alex says with a grin. “O ya, good luck you can keep it. and what I am I doing?”

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