Vivienne Advertises Her Handy Skills

After her adventure in the convenience store, Vivienne rejoined the other's desperate defense.

"These things aren't going to run out of batteries are they?" she asked fearfully, as she scared off a spider monster that had been trying to sneak up on Lyra.

"Mr. Krueger, go with Dr. Jurran. The rest of us will push on towards the central tower and drive them off for as long as we can. Mr. Tempest, is there any chance you could craft another sword for myself? Perhaps something a bit bigger."

"Captain, I could go with Mr. Krueger and Dr. Jurran if their mission is critical to our survival," Vivienne noted. "I happen to have a knack for bypassing security. If any locked doors or passwords get in their way, I'm pretty sure I can get them past those. Or, well, I suppose we could all go."

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