No pressure!

"Vivienne, my dear! I would welcome the company," Krueger said, removing his fedora and bowing. "Lets go!"

With the two women in tow, he took off down the street. As he ran, he remotely logged into the colony's local network. After all, he had no idea where to go to accomplish his task. In a matter of moments, a wire frame map was splayed across his vision. Another thought-click and a dotted line marked their route. But what he saw next caused him to stop in his tracks and nearly tumble to the ground. In the top right corner of his peripheral was a tiny, green envelope icon flashed into existence, with the word 'Zoe' printed next to it.

How was that even possible? He'd literally traveled to another dimension! How was his ex-wife able to find him this time? Every fiber of his being begged him to read the message. But with a city full of homicidal arachnids and mission to complete, this was neither the time nor the place.

"Uh, sorry about that ladies. Just getting a barring," he said.

Cutting through an alleyway to the next street over, they left the shanty town behind and headed into a somewhat less impoverished neighborhood. The street was dotted with hover-cars and the homes themselves were made out of concrete and duraplast. But alas, the arachnids had swept through here too. Many of the cars were flipped over and the homes raided for survivors. Flames engulfed one end of the neighborhood and were beginning to spread. The smell was unpleasant to say the least.

Krueger aimed his laz pistola and knocked an arachnid off the roof. Slipping between two of the homes, he fended another one off with his UHF emitter. 

"E-gads, they're everywhere. Reminds me of the space-roaches on the old Cornucopia," he commented.

"Mr. Krueger, can you hear me?" Ogden's voice crackled into his head.

"Cap? Is that you?" he asked in complete bewilderment.

"Indeed it is. This sword that Mr. Tempest gave me has a built in communicator. A grappling hook too, I think. Anyway, these beasties are proving to be even more numerous than we'd expected. There's a swarm chasing you and nothing we can do to help," Ogden said.

"Great! Glad I can always count on you for good news, Cap," Krueger replied sarcastically. 

With that, the comm went silent. There was nothing more to say.

"That's it. This is taking too long! Vivienne, can you help me hotwire one of these hover-cars? If we can get airborne, I'm an excellent pilot," he said, opening the hatch to a sporty looking red one.

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