New-York City, United States of America, planet earth // 18:15// 12/24/2005

The human female was lighter in weight than what the Doctor had anticipated, so he pulled her up a bit too close to him, immediately stepping back to avoid unnecessary awkwardness; he was rather afraid to have any sort of romantic relationships with humans by then..

Nevertheless, he smiled widely to the one who signaled him to come. He then heard Lyra wonder about the authenticity of the snow around, so he reassured her, "Why yes, Lyra.. That is real, white and slippery snow. Just try to remember, snow comes only in white, never in yellow", he jested and looked back to the new girl, glancing at the object she held so closely to herself, and then back at her eyes.

"Before we get going, I have to let you know that what you have in your left hand right now is no ordinary gift-shop souvenir, as you probably noticed by now. That, is a Gallifrayen biodata module. These things store any living creature's consciousness, knowledge, and personality inside...now, I don't know which poor soul was so desperate to implement itself into this, but.. It must have taken a liking to you.. So, I only have one question. What's your name..? ", the doctor smirked to her tenderly while not shivering even slightly from the cold, and not bothered the slightest by the impending doom that awaits the planet."

As they turned around to the blue police box, the time traveling duo almost immediately took notice that their armed friend, along with their enemy, were both missing. By then, the snow has grown thicker, covering our heroes from toe to knee. The cold was intense; the doctor looked around cautiously, raising a hand to signal the girls, "Stay, right as you are... Don't move a single step. Don't make a noise, don't turn around, don't b--", but another voice, deeper and more muffled and unnatural, cut his just then; "No amount of warnings or caution will save you. No wit, no cleverness, no plan. Your fate has come to you, Doctor. This is the day the earth dies, and you along with it.", a figure came out of the shadowy alley nearby, and creeped up near the TARDIS. It wasn't armed with any weaponry, yet it looked more frightening than a whole crew of gunmen. The doctor put his arm in his inner pocket, whipping out his screwdriver and scanned the figure. "As much as I like ruining a great entrance, I really can't put my finger on your...everything. Have we met? ", the doctor asked curiously while standing before the girls, as if he protects them.

"It matters not, time-lord. You have tempered with the time-stream for too long and went unpunished. The destruction and wipe of planet 'Earth' is a fixed point in time now. There's no stopping it. You too, must die with it, now and at all times, Doctor. That, is your punishment. That, is your Fate.", He said all too seriously.

"Jax and Numita.. Where are they? ", The doctor wondered out loud. "Away.", Fate answered.

"Lyra, get her into the TARDIS..now. ", the doctor kept looking at Fate while giving the orders to the redhead, hoping he could somehow figure a way to get around it anytime soon. Just who is...Fate?

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