Amping up the Weird

"So, I only have one question. What's your name..?"

Struggling to wrap her head around what the strange man had said about the Skeleton Key, Vivienne had almost missed his question. Almost.

"Oh, erm, my name is Vivienne, but you can call me Vivi."

Vivienne followed her saviors closely as they retreated from the building. She remembered that the red-headed girl was called Lyra, but for the life of her she couldn't recall the man saying his name. And that weird stuff he had said about the skeleton key being a, what was it, 'Gallifrayen biodata module' that somehow stored a living creature's consciousness inside it. Did that mean that the Skeleton Key was alien, as Vivienne had suspected it was? And if the person that rescued her knew it was alien, what did that suggest about the nature of her saviors? Could they be aliens?

Soon, the came upon a very out of place police box of all things, and oddly, the man was leading them toward it. On any other day, Vivienne would have been alarmed by this strange behavior, but with Armageddon being upon them, and with it being frigid cold and the snow getting ridiculous, Vivienne's judgment wasn't exactly operating at a hundred percent.

"Stay, right as you are..." The man hissed suddenly, stopping her with a hand gesture. "Don't move a single step. Don't make a noise, don't turn around, don't b--"

"No amount of warnings or caution will save you. No wit, no cleverness, no plan. Your fate has come to you, Doctor. This is the day the earth dies, and you along with it."

That didn't sound good. The owner of the sinister voice emerged from the shadows, and he was definitely a creepy son of a gun. The man tried to banter with the alien, but the thing unsurprisingly became no less threatening. "Lyra, get her into the "

Vivienne wasn't sure what a tardis was, but if it was that police box, she was not looking forward to following through with that order. That alien looked dangerous, and Vivienne wanted to stay as far away from it as possible. Nonetheless, she braced herself to follow the red-headed girl, wherever it was she planned to lead them to.

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