"Why yes, Lyra.. That is real, white and slippery snow. Just try to remember, snow comes only in white, never in yellow", he jested and looked back to the new girl, glancing at the object she held so closely to herself, and then back at her eyes.

Lyra looked at him then at the snow “ I’ve never seen snow before” she said. Looking up at the sky by the time they made it back to the Tardis Lyra had had enough of the snow. “ I think I’ve seen enough snow to last...” she started but was cut off by the doctor.

"Stay, right as you are... Don't move a single step. Don't make a noise, don't turn around, don't b--", but another voice, deeper and more muffled and unnatural, cut his just then; "No amount of warnings or caution will save you. No wit, no cleverness, no plan. Your fate has come to you, Doctor. This is the day the earth dies, and you along with it.", a figure came out of the shadowy alley nearby, and creeped up near the TARDIS.

Lyra turned to looks at the new finger coming from the shadows. “ ok so homicidal skeletons, ugly and dumb Lizard Men, and now we have a venom look alike Doctor how many many people want to kill you” Lyra said.

"It matters not, time-lord. You have tempered with the time-stream for too long and went unpunished. The destruction and wipe of planet 'Earth' is a fixed point in time now. There's no stopping it. You too, must die with it, now and at all times, Doctor. That, is your punishment. That, is your Fate.", He said all too seriously.

“ Fate” Lyra laughed. She shook her head. “ I quit believing in fate when I was twelve. We all right are own story and you can’t stop us Venom” she said. Once again her temper flaring up.

"Lyra, get her into the ", the doctor kept looking at Fate while giving the orders to the redhead, hoping he could somehow figure a way to get around it anytime soon. Just who is...Fate?

Lyra turned her attention to the girl Vivi she thought her name was. “Don’t worry it’s actually a space ship and it’s bigger on the inside” she said and lead Vivi into the Tardis. Once inside she started looking around the Tardis. “ we have to find Excalibur I think it might be able to help us” she said.

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