Fate - Part 2

New-York City, United States of America, planet earth // 18:22// 12/24/2005

The Doctor smiled whole-heartedly, seeing Lyra handle the situation so well, taking Vivienne to safety while he faces off with yet another life-ending kind of threat. Thing is.. this time he doesn't even know who he's up against.

"I've no quarrel with your so called 'companions', Doctor. They are merely victims to your heresy. Bystanders to your crimes. You speak so mightily and high about the risks of paradoxes and interfering with the natural order of time and space, yet you are the one to do just that, time and time again. You're a hypocrite.", The Fate said in a chilling monotonal and somewhat righteous tone.

"And you're a stooge. Yes, you, with the helmet...if you're so confident in your belief that I am, truly, evil...why hide your face? Why the charade, why the drama?", the Doctor raised his voice, "Why not just shoot me dead, really..?"; Both looked at each other directly without flinching. It was a clash of utter confidence from both sides of the scale, and it didn't tip to either side.

The snow kept falling from the sky along with blasts from various kinds of ships, though at different parts of the earth; Still shaking things up where they are, obviously.

"I am the Fate, Doctor. You can't ever know fate until it comes to you...Your fate is death. Today, and every day.", Fate said.

"And I'm the Doctor, MR. Fate, pleasure's all yours; do you know what doctors do, Fate? They see to it that their patients don't die. Now, I don't know what kind of beef you have with me since you insist on remaining anonymous, BUT, what I do know is that you're planning to take down the earth with me, and I have actually taken a liking to this pretty blue orb over the years, so...long story short...get lost.", The Doctor answered just as intimidatingly.

//Meanwhile, inside the TARDIS, the Gallifreyan biodata-module (AKA Skeleton key) that was in Vivi's hand started beeping red, like never before, and both girls were basically fully aware of the doom that looms over them, if they don't get out of there right then and now. It might've been a problem that the Doctor didn't teach Lyra how to fly it, but the blue police box had a fail-safe mechanism that would get itself out of harms way right before being hit with a fatal blow. Hence, it started to phase in and out, signaling it's sooner-rather-than-later departure.

"What about you, Fate...don't you care the least the you'll be dying in the process?", the Doctor faked a smirk. "Fate doesn't die Doctor. It moves on to the next target.", his enemy answered. "So you have a time-traveling mini-device. How 25th century of you...", The Doctor answered while starting to pace towards his box, even though Fate was in his way; in more than one way.

Holding Cells //Space Colony Britain // The year 3010

"Sir, what shall we do with these two? We found them inside the maximum security section, but none of them are recognized by the crew, sir. They...don't even have a record written to them, and our scanners don't tell us much on either. Only that one of them is a human, and the second one, who's missing an arm, is a Dremica."

".....Send them to her. She'll know what to do."

"Yes, sir. Very good sir."

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