Meanwhile, Onboard the Crazy Train...

"Don’t worry it’s actually a space ship and it’s bigger on the inside."

Surprisingly, the spooky assailant just let Vivienne and her new friend Lyra past him into the police box that Lyra claimed was a spaceship, remarking, "I've no quarrel with your so called 'companions', Doctor. They are merely victims to your heresy..."

And true enough, the inside of the police box was far more cavernous than it appeared on the inside...

Scanning the place as if searching for something, Lyra stated, "We have to find Excalibur, I think it might be able to help us."

It took Vivienne a few moments to take everything in and to appreciate just how far down the rabbit hole she had tumbled. After processing what Lyra had said, she incredulously asked, "You mean like King Arthur's Excaliber?"

Then she giggled, "Wait, of course it's that Excaliber. Why wouldn't it be? You know what, that is a brilliant idea, Lyra. Let's go find Excaliber. And after that, let's call in the Queen of Hearts and her Playing Card Soldiers to back us up. Oh, and we should summon the Cheshire Cat too. I bet his creepy smiling face can do some mean things to aliens... Jesus Christ, I think I'm going insane. Where do you guys store the scotch? If I am going to go mad, I'd at least like to get in the mood..."

As Lyra was looking for a mythical sword, Vivienne began looking for booze. And then the Skeleton Key's usual blue light started flashing red. "Huh... it's never done that before," Vivienne murmurred. "Then again, I've never been on an alien spaceship before either. Nor have I ever seen an alien before for that matter."

Then the whole ship seemed to start flickering out of existance. "Ummm... is this the part where I wake up?"

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