New-York City, United States of America, planet earth // 18:26// 12/24/2005

The Planet Earth was almost but a speck of dust by then. By some damn luck, the one piece of solid ground that remained on surface was North America. How Hollywood, the Doctor thought to himself while smiling the best he could. He was getting one step closer at a time towards the man who claimed to be his death.

Everywhere one would look, there would be total chaos; A frozen apocalypse that washed over the land. The terrible cold winds were merely background to the snow that piled up by the seconds, and buildings fell down at one another luck pieces of a domino game, causing the ground to shake and stumble further. No man flinched. None blinked at the danger. It was the greatest mind game the Doctor has ever known; if Fate truly could escape, these were his absolute final moments to do so...and the same went for himself, needless to say.

Eventually, after a long minute, the Doctor reached an arm's reach distance from his apparent rival. "That was your final step Doctor. That is your final step, Doctor. And that will be your final step, Doctor.", Fate said, not very cryptically at that point. The Doctor sweated from his forehead, so he wiped it with his sleeve and stared at Fate. "Alright, got me. One thing I wish though, before my death. Let me see your face.", he asked even too politely, in tone.

Meanwhile inside the TARDIS

The skeleton key beeped like crazy as the police box was phasing out to outer space; but no longer could Vivienne hold it in her hands, as a powerful magnetic force pulled it onto the TARDIS's mainframe, attaching itself to it like a puzzle that longed to be complete, and all at once, everything seemed to have gone backwards, like when a VCR was going the opposite direction to view something again. It reappeared at the snow scene just before it flickered out of there, and the Doctor sighed, knowing the device did it's job as he remembered it should; he was honestly unsure about that.

New-York City, United States of America, planet earth // 18:29// 12/24/2005

Thing is, the TARDIS didn't land itself back; it stayed floating in the air. The Doctor put his hands in his pockets, smiling like a child at Fate; "Quite cold, ain't it?", he said while pressing the tiny TARDIS controller inside his pocket. "The great time lord, wasting his last breath on pleasantries. I expected no less of you.", Fate admitted before reaching out his hand upwards; a scary glow had begun to erupt where it was, at the tip of his fingers. "Your my job", Fate let out a small chuckle. "The poetry of fit all.", he raised his second hand and lifted his helmet.

", it can't be you!!", The Doctor yelled at him, almost as if he protested. "Why? Who set you up to form this...this THING?!", the Doctor was practically yelling now, about to forget what he had ordered the TARDIS to do; it shifted out of place, and it moved a few inches downwards and forward, banging onto the Fate's head, knocking him out on the spot. The Doctor just stood there, dumbfounded. He entered the TARDIS and set itself to escape to deep space immediately, but on his walk to the controls, he didn't speak a single word to the girls. His face spelled out complete shock and terror at the sight of his enemy's face. "What have I done...", he just asked himself metaphorically.

The Earth was destroyed...again. The festival of lights; the fireworks, of new year's, were never to come in this reality. It all turns to ash. Was that really Earth's final fate?

Holding Cells //Space Colony Britain // The year 3010

Inside the space colony's deepest, most forsaken cell, laid the once great leader of the Dremica, Numita. His shouts for assistance were heard by none, as the nearest cells that didn't have corpse in them were too far off. All he knew is that he was expecting a hearing from someone who keeps being referred to as 'her' amongst the guards. Jax had went to her a day ago already, but his own fate remained unclear as of the moment. It was a freighting situation. At least Numita's health came back to him, and he was given a prosthetic arm to support him while being held there.

Meanwhile, aboard the TARDIS

The Doctor just sat there, on the steps, looking at the floor with no intent of looking elsewhere. He was broken. Like never before, so broken he couldn't even crack the faintest or fakest smile for his fellow companions. "Lyra...Vivienne..I think it's best if I put you someplace safe, and we'll part our ways there...I can't allow anyone else to get hurt on my account...not anymore.", he sighed heavily.

Without him noticing, the TARDIS set itself to the year 916.

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