Lyra was I bit surprised by all the events that happened. The skeleton key merged with the Tardis Ironman and lizard breath we’re missing. Now the doctor was sitting on the stares of the ship saying he was going to send them somewhere safe. She walked over to the place she had set her cup at the start of this adventure. She picked it in then sat next to the doctor.

“ you know doctor if throwing clay were easy every one would do it.” She said handing the cup to him. “ I took twenty eight try’s before I could get that cup. I did not give up on that it’s an inanimate object. But you doctor you have shown me there is more to life then books and art. Your an amazing person I would like to consider you a friend. In fact you the only friend iv had in over eight years. I’m not going to give up on you so what ever the danger is you don’t have to face it alone because I’m staying.” She said she poised for a moment thinking.

“ have you ever seen sailor moon she was my favorite hero. But she was only as strong as she was because she had friends to help and back her up” she said. Then she hugged the doctor. “ please don’t give up” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

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