What's History is History

"Have you ever seen Sailor Moon? She was my favorite hero. But she was only as strong as she was because she had friends to help and back her up."

As Lyra embraced the until-recently upbeat man that had managed to make it into the police-box-spaceship-thing shortly after the Skeleton Key went berzerk, Vivienne kicked her feet uncomfortably. Not knowing either of these people, she didn't really know what words of comfort she could offer them, especially since she had absolutely no idea what was happening.

Desiring to get away from all the angsty-sappy stuff going on, Vivienne decided to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. In hindsight, Vivienne would realize that there were a lot of ways this could have ended very poorly, but as mentioned earlier, Vivienne's judgement wasn't quite on par, even without the aid of the liquor she craved. And so, she pushed open the door out of the spaceship and walked out into the sunlight.

Thankfully, it wasn't snowing anymore, nor were there any aliens in sight. Instead, it was a usual overcast day... except they weren't in New York City anymore. Instead of huge buildings all over the place, there was virtually no buildings, except for a number of very old fashioned huts and stuff a distance away. And there was grass, and a sea breeze, and the smell of the ocean. Vivienne closed her eyes and took the non-visual sensations in. God, she had forgotten how much she loved the smell of fresh air.

When she opened her eyes, she noticed several boats on the water, going toward the clump of huts. Oddly, these boats were not made of metal, but rather, wood, and they were quite long, narrow, and low in the water, and they had huge sails. From what little she could see of the figures on these boats, Vivienne could swear they seemed to be wearing metal armor.

Could it be...?

Curious, Vivienne decided to jog towards the buildings to check it out. If this was what Vivienne thought it was, she was about to see a historical reenactment of a Viking raid. This spectacle could be a great way to get her mind off all the recent unpleasantness!

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