A man out of time

Professor O, or rather Professor Ogden Von Winkleheim as was his proper if rarely used title, was a man out of time. Once a promising, albeit underappreciated researcher at the Special Wespons 'n Ordinance Research Department (S.W.O.R.D.) in... where was he from again? Anyway, one bloody day he woke up here, in the Viking age. It was probably the result of some experiment gone terribly wrong. One of those jealous arses in section B probably had something to do with it. They were always screwing something up. In any case, here he was, stomping his way through the ice crusted grass, sword in hand.

Fun fact, vikings didn't just spend all their time raiding and pillaging their neighbors. Nope. If they got board enough, they'd raid and pillage eachother, too. And that is why Professor O was out, trudging through the ice crusted grass, sword in hand. As a (reluctantly accepted) member of the village, it was his duty to help protect it.

"I had an epiphany just this morning about the nature of time and space. If one event happens at every moment in time, with no beginning and no end, how could one ever stop it or end it? And I was just about to write it down before I forgot it, when you and your cohorts began all this foolishness," he explained before bringing his great sword down on the head of a marauding viking.

At the last moment, he turned it sideways, bashing him with the flat side and knocking him out. After all, he was nice enough not to interrupt.

He then turned his attention to his next foe. What a bother! At this rate, the battle would go on for at least another twenty five minutes. Or at least it would have, if not for the sudden darkening of the skies. Black thunder clouds had rolled in from out of nowhere. Brilliant red bolts of lightening jumped from one cloud to another. At one point, such a bolt illuminated what looked to Professor O like a saucer, slowly rotating amongst the blackness. Then he spotted another, and another.

"Ragnarok!" someone yelled but he clobbered them over the head with his sword just for being stupid. He hated stupid.

An intense red beam shot down out of one of the swirling masses. A distant mountain exploded in an eruption of crimson energy which sent out a tsunami-like shockwave through the earth. Then another beam shot down, to much the same effect. In a minute, maybe two, the destructive waves would intersect. And when they did, well, that's where Professor O was standing. The worst part was that he hadn't gotten around to writing down... whatever it was he was going to write down.

Wait, what on earth was that annoying squealing sound???



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