Another Close Call

"Is- is that a blue phone booth?"

"That's what it looks like, but I've been told that it is actually a spaceship," Vivienne explained, "It brought me here from New York City, if you will believe. There were genocidal aliens there too, unfortunately. I guess they're out to destroy the whole world. Hell, I'd be dead too if it weren't for the timely intervention of the guy who owns the ship and his daughter Lyra. Now let's get out of here!"


"Have you ever seen Sailor Moon? She was my favorite hero, but she was only as strong as she was because she had friends to help and back her up. Please don’t give up."

The Doctor closed his eyes and took deep breaths as Lyra embraced him. After a few long moments, she released him. "Lyra... I... I appreciate your support, but I don't think this is that easy. What if humanity isn't meant to be saved? What if they somehow deserve this? What if what I am doing is wrong? I can't in good conscience make you an accomplice to my crimes..."

He rose to his feet. "Yet you are right. We should verify the truth of these statements before we accept that extermination is the rightful destiny of your entire race."

Sighing, The Doctor walked over to the TARDIS' control panel. Perhaps he had meddled with time more than he had a right to. He had thought he had been doing the right thing, but now he wasn't so sure. His faith in himself and his cause had shattered, and now the Doctor wondered if this crusade of his to save humanity was selfish in origin, stemming from his desire to preserve that which he had been fighting for for most of his life.

He checked the date and grimaced when he saw that the TARDIS had somehow set itself to the year 916 on the Gregorian calendar, which wasn't even a thing yet. The recent trip to Camelot had been enough of a romp through the the age of swords and bows for The Doctor. "Let us say goodbye to another era destroyed by our very thorough foes, and then we shall visit the future, the end of the timeline, and see why it is they desire to see your world die."

Just as The Doctor began punching in coordinates to his desired location and time, Lyra asked, "Ummm, where is Vivi?"

The Doctor froze. Where had his most recent companion gone? "Vivienne!" he shouted. He heard no response. If he had just lost Vivienne like had Jax...

"She must have gone exploring," Lyra postulated. "I'll go look for her."

"Good idea," the Doctor murmurred, pursing his lips while pushing down his rising anxiety. "Just don't get lost. The TARDIS is much larger than it appears. Pretty much infinitely so, in fact."

As Lyra began to check other rooms, the Doctor hit some buttons that caused a display of the nearest rooms to appear on the monitor. His heart began to sink as he saw no sign of Vivienne in any of them...

Soon, the TARDIS started to flicker in and out of existance. The world was ending again, and as far as the Doctor could tell, Vivienne was not inside it to escape. "No, no, no, why is this happening? Why can't save anyone right now?" he growled.

Suddenly, the door flew open, and a worse for wear looking Vivienne stumbled through, followed by an unfamiliar but equally charred and sweaty looking man. "This place is going to hell! We need to GTFO!" she cried.

The Doctor didn't need to be told twice. He punched a button, and soon, the TARDIS and her occupants were flying through time and space... to the future...


Vivienne sat on the floor leaned back against the wall as she struggled to catch her breath. That had been a stupidly close call. She and her new random companion had very nearly gotten fried.

"So... who is your friend?" the dark haired man who presumably owned the ship grunted, standing nearby with his arms crossed.

"He- he is some reenactor that rescued me from a more zealous reenactor," Vivienne panted. Surprisingly, the ship captain appeared skeptical. So did the reenactor, actually. But why else would someone be wearing medieval padded armor?

"You are a reenactor, right?" she asked as all eyes in the room went toward the tall bearded man.

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