"Of sorts," Professor O said with a toothy grin that was mostly hidden amongst the matted scraggle of his unruly facial hair. Then, straightening up, sheathing his sword, and brushing some of the ash off of his formerly white gameson, "Professor Ogden Von Winkleheim of the Special Wespons 'n Ordinance Research Department."

What followed was a long, drawn out story of how Professor O ended up in the viking age of all places (times?) ten years ago. It was sprinkled with numerous theories and even more numerous insults against those useless screwups in Section B. Gods, he hated Section B.

"...So I suppose you could call me a reenactor. I've certainly done my best to fit in and not disturb the time line. I would ask you to drop me off in my own time, but I'm guessing it doesn't exist anymore, thanks to those time traveling aliens back there?" he said with a deep sigh and then continued. "Sir, I'd like to thank you and your daughter for such a timely rescue, but uh... I'm sorry, what was your name?" Professor O said, raising a bushy eyebrow.

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