"Lyra... I... I appreciate your support, but I don't think this is that easy. What if humanity isn't meant to be saved? What if they somehow deserve this? What if what I am doing is wrong? I can't in good conscience make you an accomplice to my crimes..."

She blinked and looked back at him with those brilliant blue eyes. “ Doctor your sound crazy how could someone as kind as you deserve to die that’s crazy talk. Also the last person to try and wipe out an entire civilization was named hitler most did not agree with him. We call that world war 2 and the holocaust. I also done see how self defense is a crime.” She said calmly. The firery read head could be pretty calm and when she wanted.

"Yet you are right. We should verify the truth of these statements before we accept that extermination is the rightful destiny of your entire race."

Lyra watched him as he got up. She put her hand to her head. “ Did you not just hear a word I said, of course you didn’t no one ever hears me” she said frustrated.

"Let us say goodbye to another era destroyed by our very thorough foes, and then we shall visit the future, the end of the timeline, and see why it is they desire to see your world die."

“ there is an end of time. So what happened when someone dies” she asked turning her head sideways. Of all the things she could ask that’s her what she picked to ask.

"Ummm, where is Vivi?"

“ I don’t know let’s find out Vivi are you in here Luna called as she started to look through the different rooms of the Tardis.

Suddenly, the door flew open, and a worse for wear looking Vivienne stumbled through, followed by an unfamiliar but equally charred and sweaty looking man. "This place is going to hell! We need to GTFO!" she cried.

Lyra heard Vivi yelling and came back to investigate. “ what happened to you a tornado” she asked.

"He- he is some reenactor that rescued me from a more zealous reenactor," Vivienne panted. Surprisingly, the ship captain appeared skeptical. So did the reenactor, actually. But why else would someone be wearing medieval padded armor?

“ that probably was not a re-enactment “ Lyra said stating the obvious.

"You are a reenactor, right?" she asked as all eyes in the room went toward the tall bearded man.

Lyra looked at the bearded man and wondered who he was and what language he spoke.

"...So I suppose you could call me a reenactor. I've certainly done my best to fit in and not disturb the time line. I would ask you to drop me off in my own time, but I'm guessing it doesn't exist anymore, thanks to those time traveling aliens back there?" he said with a deep sigh and then continued. "Sir, I'd like to thank you and your daughter for such a timely rescue, but uh... I'm sorry, what was your name?" Professor O said, raising a bushy eyebrow

Lyra blinked listening to the mans story. “Great another worrier just what we need” she thought as he explained who he was. I fact she had gotten bored and her mind wondered off to plans for her next big art project. She was not shure what exactly it would be but it would definitely involve roses and fairies. She was quietly drown from her thoughts when she heard Professor O call her the doctors daughter. A puzzled look crossed her face. “ I’m not the doctors Daughter I’m Lyra this is the doctor. And we’re headed to the future I think. The end of time right” she said.

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