As Vivienne heard the man she had assumed was a historical reenactor share his story, her jaw dropped when she realized that they had not only flown across the surface of the earth very quickly, but they had somehow gone back in time.

"...So I suppose you could call me a reenactor. I've certainly done my best to fit in and not disturb the time line. I would ask you to drop me off in my own time, but I'm guessing it doesn't exist anymore, thanks to those time traveling aliens back there?"

The implication here was even more appalling. So the aliens had not just destroyed New York City in 2005, they were also destroying Northern Europe in the Dark Ages... sure they could escape the destruction of a given time, but the aliens were now destroying every time. What could a random band of humans in a weird police box space ship do against such a menace?

"Sir, I'd like to thank you and your daughter for such a timely rescue, but uh... I'm sorry, what was your name?" the man, who had called himself Professor O concluded.

"I’m not the Doctor's daughter, I’m Lyra, and this is the Doctor. And we’re headed to the future I think. The end of time right?"

"That is correct, Lyra," the dark haired captain replied.

"I'm sorry, but what did you say your name was again?" Vivienne asked the captain. I got the doctor part, but... doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor will do," the mysterious man replied. "Now, I believe we have arrives at our destination."

As the so called 'Doctor's' gaze returned to the console, a worrisome thought occurred to Vivienne. Could this ship captain be an alien? He was flying around in a spaceship/time machine and apparently didn't have an actual name, or at least not one he cared to share.

Vivienne glanced at Ogden and Lyra, then looked back at the Doctor, who was now conveniently taking them to 'the future'. What if his reason for saving them was merely to keep them alive for experimentation while his alien buddies killed everyone else? The three of them could be in a lot trouble. How were they going to get out of this alive?

"Alright ladies and gentleman, we have just arrived at Space Colony Britain in the year 3010," the Doctor announced. "My goal here is to identify why the aliens have decided that they must exterminate humanity, and if possible, convince them to change their mind. There are outfits that are fashionable in this time period that can be found in wardrobes in that room over there..." the Doctor pointed to a room to his right. "In the interest of not standing out too much, I would recommend changing into something moderate that you can tolerate. I will meet you back here in 15 minutes."

With that, the Doctor walked into the room he had indicated and disappeared from sight. Glancing again at Lyra and Professor O, Vivienne decided that this was the best opportunity she was going to get to air her concerns. "Guys, do you think we can trust this guy? I'm not sure he's even human."

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