Lost on a Time Machine Spaceship Thing

"Fine, don't come crying to me when we all get sold into slavery," Vivienne mumbled as both Professor O and Lyra dismissed her concerns and took their leave. After a moment of pouting, Vivienne decide to follow the others and just do as she had been told for lack of a better plan.

Like the others, she got lost. Eventually she found herself in some kind of a library, where she saw Lyra lost in a book. Unfortunately, when Vivienne tried to get Lyra's attention, the young girl didn't budge. Deciding against physically touching her or yelling, Vivienne chose to let Lyra do whatever she wanted while continuing the search for futuristic clothing.

Soon after, Vivienne found herself in a promising room in which numerous bags of oufits lay in organized rows. Tags on the outfits indicated the time and the culture that the outfits were fashionable in. Looking at the tickets and what she could make out through the bags she soon realized that everything she was looking at was from a long time ago. That meant...

As Vivienne was sifting through the rows of outfits, she suddenly collided with someone. "Oof, sorry Professor," she grunted as she saw the scraggly man and his big sword, only now is was dressed in a dapper coat and slacks. "Oh, did you find out where the end-of-time section is?" she asked.

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