Doctor of what???

As Professor O stood there, chatting with Vivienne, something unexpected occurred to him. What had Earth and it's inhabitants ever done for him? Transported him back in time to live as a primitive? Treated him like an outsider just because he knew things they didn't? Maybe these aliens had a very good reason for attacking Earth. And if they didn't, was it really even his fight anyway?

"Girl- uh Vivienne... Say, did this doctor ask for your help? I mean, I know that he saved you and you in tern saved me, but did you ever actually agree to help him?" he asked.

Maybe it was the paranoid schizophrenic in him, but the more he rolled it around in his mind the more he thought the young brunette had every right to be suspicious of this 'Doctor'. Doctor of what??? He never did say. His appearance- so convenient! was absolutely suspicious. And now he'd recruited the lot of them, without their consent or even so much as telling them his name! Was he really this hero that he stylized himself as?

"The more I think about it, the less I trust our mysterious host. With Earth gone, we've got to think of ourselves, now," he continued in a hushed voice.

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