Bill and Ted

After waiting an indeterminate amount of time for the indecisive girl to respond, Professor O had had enough. His mind was made up. He reached for his depleted uranium-blade sword. It's blackened edge had spelled doom for many a foe.. some on purpose.. a couple, not.

"Well, well, well Professor! I see you clean up quite nicely," the Doctor said, as Professor O stepped back out into the vessel's main room.

Without a word, he clobbered the alien with the flat of his blade. He crumpled to the floor.

"Doctor? Are you unconscious?" he asked, just to be on the safe side.

The Doctor sat up, rubbing his head. "No, actually I'm not. And why did you-."

He clobered him again, in mid sentence. This time, satisfied that he was truly out, Professor O dragged the motionless form to the door and kicked him out.

"So sorry to resort to violence like this. Truthfully, I detest it. But this storyline is going nowhere and I want to explore the galaxy, not die for a planet that cared nothing for me," he said to the crumpled mass.

And with that said, he closed the door.

"Hmmm... what's this?" he said, picking up a small cylinder.

It had buttons and a small light on one end. Eh, Professor Ogden Von Winkleheim had more important things to think about. He dropped the sonic screwdriver into a pocket and stepped up to the control center.

"Stop! I beg you! You DON'T know what you're doing!" he heard from outside the door.

But he did. He flipped a switch and pulled a lever. Lights dimmed and the entire craft began to hum and whale. Just before it shifted out completely, he flung the door open. With a swift kick, he sent the surprised Doctor flying.

"Good luck, Doctor," he said.

And then they were gone. The bustling streets of Space Colony Britain was replaced by a galaxy spanning nebula of blues and purples.

"Our fate's in our own hands, now," he said, dropping the sword to the deck and staring out.

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