A Change in Destiny

"The more I think about it, the less I trust our mysterious host. With Earth gone, we've got to think of ourselves, now."

Vivienne was glad that the odd man she had sort of rescued, Professor O, was coming to her line of thinking. "Well, yeah, maybe. I wonder how we can save the world without the alien captain though? Maybe we should pretend to follow him for a bit longer until we have a better idea of what all of this is about, and then we can escape when he's least expecting it, or something. Or maybe we should stay with him and learn that he's not a bad guy like Lyra seems to think. Although then again, maybe Lyra is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and is not terribly objective about this. Or maybe she is an alien too. Nah, she doesn't really come across as an alien to me. But will she still support him if we try to get away? I don't want to hurt her or anything. But I still feel like the Doctor is a threat, and we should be careful of him because he's probably an alien and aliens have been killing us. They killed my roomates and probably my family, and maybe they did the same to your family if they are attacking every timeline like the Doctor said... Sorry, I'm rambling. So, what are your thoughts?..."

At that point, she realized that Professor O was no longer standing there. Where the hell did he...

Looking around, she didn't see the scraggly man anywhere. He must have gotten bored of her rant and left. That bastard. Sighing, Vivienne went back to the task at hand of finding a futuristic looking outfit. Eventually she found the right section, and after rummaging through the bags, she found a coat, skirt, and blouse, and shoes that didn't look completely stupid, although she hated the neon colored outfits that she had to pick from. Her final getup may have been seizure inducing, but at least she'd fit in...

Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the engine of the time machine spaceship thing whirred to life. "What the hell, I thought we were their already!" Vivienne yelled. Trying to remember her route to the changing room, Vivienne blundered her way to the entrance room, and when she saw Professor O standing at the door with sword lying next to him, a strange glint in his eye.

"What did you do?!" Vivienne gasped.

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