Chill out!

"What did you do?!" Vivienne gasped from behind him.

"I've done what needed to be done, child. Now calm yourself. It's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality," he said.

Outside, the swirling mass of the nebula gave way to a single rogue planet. According to the TARDIS's database, it was unimaginably cold on the surface but deep beneath, lived a thriving human settlement- proof that even without Earth, humanity would endure. He didn't pretend to understand. He just knew that down on that planet there were people, and where there were people, there was alcohol. And Professor O needed a good drink before he could decide on his next step.

So he flung a switch and pulled a lever. At this point, he was fairly certain that the controls were purely ornamental. The box shifted all of a sudden freezing black snow began blowing in through the open door. Everything around it became instantaneously frozen in thick black ice, and it was rapidly spreading!

"Crap! Deeper! DEEPER!," Professor O cried and threw another lever.

But nothing happened! The ship did nothing. And the ice was advancing by the millisecond.

"Run!" he screamed, bolting for the nearest door which sealed shut behind him.

The the door immediately froze but the ice didn't progress past it. They were safe for now, but the control center was inaccessible.

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