Plan B

"Well, the Doctor did say he was taking us to the end of time, but I didn't expect that Hell would actually freeze over," Vivienne remarked. "So... I'm still struggling to figure out what is going on. I saw that you kicked the doctor out and did something to this machiny-thing that caused it to plunge into the frozen hell-hole, but, like, why?"

"The doctor had to go. He had an agenda and we were just tools in his schemes; cogs in the machine. Besides, the storyline was boring and going absolutely nowhere. Something had to be done. Admittedly, traveling to an ice covered death-world just to get a stiff drink was not my finest hour. But fear not, Odin knows I have a plan," he said, striding confidently down a hallway.

Weather Vivienne noticed it or not, the ice was still creeping in, just at a much less rapid pace. He could feel the air around him beginning to heat up as the TARDIS worked, seemingly of its own accord, to slow the spread.

"If we can't use the command center to travel, there has to be an engineering section from which we can operate it directly," he said.

"I wonder if Lyra is still in here. I'd hate myself more than I already do if we brought harm to her," Vivienne said, following him.

"I'm more concerned about what she'll do when she finds out about what we did to the doctor. We may have to tie her up," he said.

"WARNING! Ice trolls detected!" an overhead speaker announced.

"Ice trolls? What the-" Professor O began but was interrupted as a blue, axe wielding, goblin-creature jumped out of nowhere at him.

He drew his sword and blocked the creature, before cleaving it in twain. Then two more attacked, which he dispatched with similar ease.

"Hah! This is actually kind of fun!" he said.

With a great cleave, he took down three more at once. Then he charged ahead, skewering two on his big honking sword. ...then, like a hundred of them tackled him.

"Vivienne! I may need some assistance," he called.

He crushed one's head with his bare hands and elbowed another in its ugly face so hard that he surely broke its oversized nose. Then he felt the cold bite of a frost axe in his posterior.

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