Asking for directions

"The doctor is gone! It's up to us, now, Lyra!" Professor O yelled, snatching the trolls up in a great bear hug.

He squeezed until the stopped wiggling and then dropped the lifeless bodies to the deck.

"Now come on! If we don't hurry, I'm certain the bars will close before we can transport down to the colony," he said before storming off.

More trolls crossed his path but the all met with the same, gooey fate. Two more turns and he found himself staring at the same shaving robot he had earlier. Oddly enough, it had sprouted sideburns.

"I ehh... Pardon me, but could you direct us to the secondary command center? The main one's full of ice and possibly trolls," he said.

At first the robot seemed as though it might just continue to stare at him indefinitely. But then, oh so slowly, it raised an arm and pointed to a door across the hall.

"My thanks," he said and left the robot to its task.

The door lead to a ladder well, which in turn, lead to an exact duplicate of the original command center. He ran up to the control panel and yanked a lever.

"PARKING BREAK DISENGAGED" the ship declared.

"Well, that didn't work," he said to himself.

Ice was beginning to creep down the ladder. So, he tried pressing some buttons.


In an instant the TARDIS shifted places and the black ice literally exploded into water vapor. ...really smelly water vapor.

"Hah! The Doctor is gone. Long live the Professor! Now, let's go get a drink," he declared, and headed for what he presumed was the exit.

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