...A man walks into a bar

"Well, this isn't exactly what I'd expected," Fred Krueger said as he stepped out of a glowing blue rift in the fabric of all existence. "Still, it does beat the alternative."

Krueger looked back through the rift at the expanding debris field that was once the ITS Cornucopia.

"Everything was fine and dandy until you brought that damn cat onboard, Captain," he said.

The damned cat had gotten loose and pissed all over the matter/anti-matter containment control module. The resulting explosion was catastrophic. Everyone was dead now. Everyone except for Fred Krueger, who escaped through a dimensional rift, into another universe where tentacles were aplenty and cats were just a story made up to scare children.

Or at least that's the universe he THOUGHT he'd be going to. Instead he was here, in some subterranean city, where stray cats roamed EVERYWHERE! He tossed the thoroughly fried and smoking Reality-Ripper to the ground and searched his pockets for a smoke.

Looking around, he saw skyscraper-type buildings which reached from the ground, all the way up to the ceiling of the massive cavern. Interspersed between them were hundreds of smaller buildings. And interspersed between those buildings was a seemingly unending shantytown. His keen eye was quick to spot what passed for a bar amongst the ramshackle buildings.

"Well, at least there are some signs of civilization," he remarked, strolling in.

Inside, he was greeted by the familiar odor of smoke and stale booze. He slid onto a bar stool to order a drink but suddenly realized that what currency he had was quite literally from another universe.

"Not from around here, are you?" a tall stranger with an unkempt beard observed.

"Is it that obvious?" Krueger asked.

"A bit. You see, they trade directly in exotic materials. Here, this one's on me," the man said, dumping a pair of tiny, egg-shaped gold nuggets onto the counter.

The bar tender immediately scooped them up and deposited a heaping tankard of alcohol in their place.

"My name's Fred Krueger. Nice to meet you, " he said.

"And I am Professor Ogden Von Winkleheim. But most people call me Professor O," the other replied.

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