The Resolution of Violence

Space Colony Britain, 3020 AD.

"My head...what happened?", the Doctor got up on his feet slowly but surely. Everything around looked like shades with bright spots all over. The hurting Doctor reached to his head with his left hand and as soon as he touched beneath his thick layer of hair, he lashed out a small scream of physical pain. "Ouchy!....", he continued trying to remember what just occurred, but he couldn't put a finger on it until he reached for his pocket with his right hand, and the screwdriver he counted on for seemingly a lifetime had been missing.

The Time-lord's eyes had widened. "Ogdon....", he let out a brief smile, followed by a cough of blood. "Good luck," he wished him with a sad kind of honesty, realizing that he really had no way of reassuring Earth's survival without his time-machine, and the group of capable humans that he located would have to do.

He looked around, a bit baffled. "Now then...where's the nearest Starbucks..."

((OOC- Drake64, I do hope that your comment: "the storyline was boring and going absolutely nowhere" wasn't referring to my ability to carry the game when I was active, because I was, in truth, trying my best....either way, you seem to have things under control. My rather...busy schedule in the army has my hands tied when it comes to being around on OngoingWorlds, so all I did now was just put a bit of a closure on the Doctor...have fun Everyone...))

((TheHeroUp - No, it was in no way related to your work when you were active. You're writing was superb. Without you, the storyline was beginning to stagnate and people were loosing interest. I was more or less poking fun at that.))

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