"...and you can imagine the look on her face when she realized that ALL her tentacles had been tied together!" Krueger said and Professor O erupted in a bout of hearty laughter.

"But how'd you get out of the cell?" he asked.

Krueger took the cigar out of his mouth, gulped down another swig from his mug, and said "Who says I did?!?"

After a second bout of laughter, Professor O took a swig of his own drink and spoke, "It would seem that you are an intergalactic- no, interdimensional adventurer of sorts."

"Hah! For all the good it's done me. I'm trapped, penniless on some big floating rock, literally just waiting for another big rock to come crashing into it," Krueger said.

"Yes, that part is unfavorable. But, maybe we can help eachother out. You said you were an engineer, right?" Professor O said.

"Indeed I am. Why, I once repaired the fusion reactor on a Goliath class frigate with two paper clips and a stick of gum. Fun times!" Kreuger replied.

"Well, I can design and build a nuclear reactor from scratch, compact and powerful enough to run a suit of advanced alien techno armor, complete with the attached death-ray. But what I can't seem to do is defrost my ship's main control center. ...It's a long story. Think you could take a look at it for me?" Professor O said.

"You've got it parked down here, don't you? If the cooling system has gone haywire, just shut it off. The ice will melt eventually," Krueger said, scratching his head.

"Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. You see, the cooling system is working just fine. In fact, all the systems are working just fine. But there's something different about the black ice on this planet's surface. It doesn't melt easily and sometimes it spawns goblins that try to kill you," Professor O explained.

"Oh! You have goblin-ice!" Krueger exclaimed.

"You've heard of it?!?" Ogden said, nearly dropped his mug.

"No, I was just being facetious. It sounds completely crazy. But I'll take a look. Probably just need to ramp up that defrosting cycle. And if we run into any goblins, well I'm sure a little hot laz will do the trick," Krueger said patting the custom laz pistola on his hip.

"Laz?" Ogden said with a raised eyebrow.

"Laz," Krueger confirmed.

"Well then, shall we get to work?" Ogden asked.

"Sure thing, cap," Krueger said, gulping the last few drops of his beverage.

"Cap?" Ogden asked.

"It is your ship, isn't it?" Krueger asked, following him out onto the street.

"Well, yes. I suppose it is now," Ogden said.

"Then Cap," Krueger confirmed.

Out in the dark alleyways, a pair of cold and menacing eyes, watched the two walk off. Hatred burned inside...

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