Plot a course!

"So, you rerouted the output port from the powerplant's heat exhaust, straight into the control center to melt the ice. I would never have thought of that," Ogden admitted in mystified amazement.

The two watched through a monitor in the #2 command center. Apparently there were actually seven such facilities onboard, and strangely enough, only one bathroom. As they watched, the black ice slowly receded under the relentless assault of the truly ridiculous amount of heat pouring into the room.

"A lot of people are on the fence about even going near the output port. But if you're careful, and treat it with respect, it's actually pretty amazing what you can accomplish," Krueger said.

"At this rate, it'll be dry as a bone in just a few hours," Ogden said.

"Where are we going, once it's done anyway, Cap?" Krueger asked, lighting up a fresh cigar.

"Well, we can either travel through space or time. There seem to be a few combinations of time and space that we can't travel to. And the ship itself isn't always the most cooperative. So, I'm aiming for a quick, easy jump to get more familiar with the controls," Ogden explained.

"The Moon of Vega?" Krueger offered, holding up a translucent, blue star chart.

"Well, it's not that far from here. But we'd have to go back at least three hundred years to before it was destroyed," Ogden said, looking at a time chart.

Just then, a rather fetching looking redheaded woman walked into the room and then back out, through a different door.

"Whoah, I didn't know you had anyone else onboard," Krueger said, leaning back to catch one last glimpse of the woman's shapely posterior before she pulled the hatch shut behind her.

"Oh, don't mind Lyra's rudeness. She's still mad at me for kicking the former captain off the ship. I think she's his adopted daughter or something," Ogden explained with a sigh. "Children these days."

"Yeah... of course. Maybe I'll check on her later. You know, in case she needs some- a shoulder to cry on," Krueger said, straightening the tip of his already godlike mustache.

Ogden shrugged and turned back to his chart, "How about Endor? Fuzzy, teddy bear people used to live there, but it's apparently a resort planet now."

"Well, I could sure use a vacation," Kruger said.

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