The two sides of fate

“Aaaa.... friend? I am not here to make trouble," the stranger said, looking about at his surroundings.

The decidedly steam-punk theme of the vessel was no doubt a little confusing.

"Well that's good news. I'd have surely regretted having to kill you," Ogden said with sincerity.

"I wouldn't of," Krueger chimed in.

"Do forgive him. It's his first day in this universe," Ogden explained. "So... how did you end up on my ship?"

“I think I made a navigation error, and too much antimatter in the mix. Oh well, anyways where am I exactly?” he asked.

"Where... well, that's a bit complicated. According to the charts, we're on a rogue planet, which by the way has no name whatsoever, on the furthest edge existence. So... kinda nowhere, really. This ship, here, is called the TARDIS. Though, I'm giving real consideration to renaming it. Anyway, what was the question, again?" Ogden said.

"Don't worry. You answered it," Krueger said, holding another translucent chart up to the light as smoke from his cigar sifted up past it.

The newcomer accepted Ogden's hand and slowly rose to his feet.

“Thank you, sir!” he said once upright. “I am Alexander Tempus, a researcher of sorts; a professor of Time Engineering or something close to that.”

He made a show of patting himself down before looking back up and continuing.

"Good, I am all here, I think. I was sent by the Ancient Continuum University of Wizardry and that is… well… never mind I have said too much. Just pretend you did not hear that,” Alex said.

"Yeah. Sure thing, Dumbledore," Krueger said with an inward chuckle.

"Well, you know technology by the look of your gun. Good, nice ship I think, it is a ship, right?” Alex said leaning against the wall folding his arms across his chest.

"Among other things. Say, you said you were a professor of 'Time Engineering' right? Perhaps fate has brought us together for a reason. You wouldn't happen to know anything about time-traveling, would you?" Ogden asked.


Outside, in the streets

"Hiding, Doctor? This isn't like you. It matters not. One can never escape Fate," the faceless one seethed, gazing at last upon the blue police call-box.

From the shadows, many hundreds of creeping, crawling insectoid fiends, came forth. Their skin was like dried tar, and their eyes like shinny black pearls. Some had two legs, some with dozens. Some carried gruesome looking hand weapons, while others carried devastating looking energy weapons. And some, some looked as though they WERE the weapon. In the streets beyond, terrified screams began to erupt, accompanied by sirens, and the sound of slaughter.

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