In need of a plan...!

“Yes, I will help. Did you know that the Space-time continuum is a living constantly changing ball of trouble? That’s why it is so hard to navigate,” Alex was saying as he looked around. "So this is a ship. Where are we headed or are you lost?”

"Well, we're not lost in the sense that we know where and when we are. It's just the time navigation... thing that has us a little boggled. It took a little trial and error, but I think I've pretty much sorted out the whole 'one place to another' part. But getting from one time period to another is getting the best of me," Ogden said, scratching his neck.

Looking at some power conduits running along the wall, “Wow you guys are brave, having power problems and some navigation problems and traveling this way. This is not properly insulated. See as the power runs through the ship it puts off energy that bleeds into other systems. So as you jump from time to time you lose time continuity. You lose the whole thing and well end up lost.”

"How exactly do you insulate time continuity?" Krueger asked, his interest at last piqued.

Alex snapped his fingers. "That’s it! I know what went wrong. I am so… anyways the same thing happened to me. My magic force field I forgot to change the polarity for negative energy. So, when the antimatter hit the force field, it folded and well I fell though the space-time continuum. So, ended up here. I think and that’s what burned my clothing; the reaction.” Alex said, smiling.

"Hmmm... that gives me an idea," Krueger said, dropping the charts he'd been examining and rushing over to a control panel. "These shield emitters, they fell out of alignment like a hundred years ago, literally. This ship's older than my ex wife's mother. Well, maybe not THAT old. Anyway, at first I thought they were defensive shields, but I couldn't figure out why on Mars they were all directed inward. But now..."

“So where are we going?” Alex asked excitedly.

Krueger was so deep into his work that the question was just background noise to him. When he overlaid the shield placement with the ship's schematic, it became clear that each one was meant to shield a particular section of the ship from these time continuity disruptions. He'd have to adjust them all individually, though. Which could take a while. The ship was beyond huge. And yet it only seemed to take up the space of an old earth phone booth on the outside...

"Before you showed up, we'd actually been talking about-," Ogden began, but was interrupted by the loud creek of a hatch as Lyra walked back in.

“What nonsense are you up to now,” she growled, staring up at Ogden.

The disparity in size between the two made for quite a comical image.

Looking around at all the strange newcomers and then glaring at Ogden again, she continued, “Really, you pick up all of these people but not the Doctor?"

"Child, as I've already explained a hundred times... He was just using us. He had an agenda and it probably involved dissecting our brains to steal our knowledge. And besides that, the storyline was going absolutely nowhere! People were loosing interest. He HAD to go," Ogden said, becoming more and more exasperated with each syllable.

Lyra looked as though she had more to say. Much more. And a lot of it was probably bad words. But that would have to wait.

"WARNING! Proximity alarm! Hostile aliens approaching TARDIS: species unknown!" an overhead speaker announced.

"What? Where?" Ogden asked, yanking his sword from its scabbard.

Monitors across the command center flickered and began showing images of grotesque insectoid creatures surrounding the ship. Amongst them, strode a tall, muscular, grey skinned creature. It wore a smooth, featureless mask. The insectoids gave it a large berth as it approached the TARDIS.

"Defensive systems!" Ogden ordered.

"Yeah... we don't have any, Cap" Krueger replied.

The faceless creature bawled its fists over its head and pounded on the police box's door. Inside, everyone felt as the vessel lurched.

"Fine, then offensive! Shoot at them," Ogden said, steadying himself by driving his sword into the deck.

"We don't have those either," Krueger said.

"I know you're in there, Doctor," a decidedly malevolent voice echoed through the ship.

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