What No Weapons

He watches as they tried to get defensive and offensive systems on line which they had none. What in the hell thought Alex they are hopeless, and I am in the middle of this? What did I do to get this much trouble with the Space-time continuum. But they do have a hot girl with then.

Alex wondered how many people were on this ship and what has he stumbled in to. The vary attractive women seemed to know what was going on. They called her a child she looked grown up to him in all the right places as Alex stared at her in amazement. At her authority over the others question them and ask for the Doctor? Who was the Doctor? She was shorter than Alex her pretty blue eyes full of outrage at the moment beautiful long red hair. Wow I could fallow this woman anywhere He thought to himself.

We don't have those either," Krueger said.
"I know you're in there, Doctor," a decidedly malevolent voice echoed through the ship.

“O! more things to see, are they your friends?” He asks realizing that things were about to go bad. He held out his hand and mumbles some words a translusive sword materialized in his hand. “Am I going to need this.” He ask.

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