Can't run from Fate

“Oh! More things to see, are they your friends?” Alex asked.

The wizard- He was a wizard, wasn't he? -held out his hand and mumbled some words in a language that Ogden didn't recognize. As he did, a translucent sword materialized in his hand.

"Holy shit, he's a Jedi!" Krueger exclaimed.

“Am I going to need this.” Alex asked.

"I doubt it," Ogden replied, leaving his sword where he'd embedded it into the deck.

He stepped up to the control panel and flipped a switch. ...Nothing happened. Outside, the creature continued to assault the TARDIS with it's bare hands, causing it to shift this way and that. Somewhere, a pipe burst and blue gas sprayed out.

"Come now, Doctor! Fate has claimed Earth. What have you left to protect?" the creature taunted.

"Hmmm, I was quite certain that was the- Oh, wait! It's this one," Ogden said before yanking down on a giant bronze lever over his head. "Here... we... go!"

There was a 'woosh' and all of a sudden all was deadly silent outside save for the howling winds. The viewscreens were all pitch black now.

"Hah! I took us back up to the surface!" Ogden declared, triumphantly.

"That was actually pretty brilliant," Krueger said, sliding his laz pistola back into its holster.

"Think we can get a little light out there? You know, just to be sure," Ogden said.

"Sure thing," Krueger said, hitting a few buttons.

Looking from one monitor to the next, all that could be seen was light glinting off of blackened ice. Then everyone's collective eyes came to the forward view. The creature was still there! Three of the insectoids stumbled around, obviously succumbing to the cold. But the faceless one just stood there staring, as if completely unaffected by it.

Then it struck the door. They all looked in time to see it fly open. Black ice immediately began encroaching into the ship. The insectoids flew in too, scurrying down hallways before anyone could move to oppose them. And then the faceless one walked in.

"Doctor," the creature said, looking directly at Professor Ogden Von Winkleheim.

"Who? Me? I'm a professor, not a doctor. We left him behind-," Ogden tried to explain.

"Words will not save you anymore than they could your precious Earth, Doctor. You're schemes and games have all come to naught," Fate then gestured to everyone else in the room. "These final companions will die screaming your name."

Ogden gritted his teeth, Viking rage boiling in his veins. He took a step forward and jerked his depleted uranium longsword out of the deck.

"Alright then! I assure you that you're mistaken. But if you wish to persist anyway, I think you'll find that you've not stepped onto a ship full pacifists," he said angrily.

Ogden then tossed his sword, spinning end over end into the air. He held out his hand, supremely confident that he would either catch it perfectly or the blade would come down on his head, splitting him cleanly in half. Luck was on his side this day, as he did indeed catch the sword.

"Cap, we've godda get that hatch shut or Cobra Commander here is gonna be the least of our troubles," Krueger said.

"Indeed, mister Krueger. Take care of it. Everyone else, I believe we have a guest to entertain," Ogden said, holding his sword at close guard.

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