Haven't you ever heard of closing the goddamn door?

"Cap, we've godda get that hatch shut or Cobra Commander here is gonna be the least of our troubles," Krueger said, eyeing the onyx black ice as it quickly spread across the deck.

"Indeed, mister Krueger. Take care of it. Everyone else, I believe we have a guest to entertain," Ogden replied.

Damn it! How was he supposed to do that? Everything that dark ice touched was instantly covered in it. Krueger was no doctor, but he was fairly certain that organic matter would not fair too well.

"On it, Cap," he said.

He took aim at the black stuff with his laz pistola and fired. A heavy bolt of blinding hot laz arced across the command center. It struck the ice and exploded, leaving a sizable crater in it. He fired three more times, exhausting his entire power pack. He then jumped into the first crater. The ice was quickly closing back in, so he had to hurry.

"This reminds me of something my ex wife and I tried on Hoth," he remarked, successfully hopping to the second crater.

Of course, failing here would be a little more serious than a minor case of freezer burn and a week in the cage. He dumped the smoking, spent power pack from his weapon's ammunition orifice and slammed a new one into its gaping hole. He then spent his entire power-load and cleared the ice from around the doorway. One more leap and he wrapped his hands around it and slammed the door shut.

...but not before something flew past him, onto the TARDIS.

"The heck was tha- Shit!" he ducked just in time to miss the whistling blade of an axe. "And there I thought the Cap was bat-shit crazy, talking about ice goblins!"

He hit the blue skinned creature with an upper cut and withdrew a frost covered fist. He shook the ice crystals off and punched it again. The creature stumbled back but then swung its axe again. Krueger dove for safety. When he regained his feet, his shirt and jacket were both ripped. He'd missed the blow by millimeters.

"That's it!" he said and pulled a flask from his pocket and took a sip.

The goblin smiled and raised its axe high into the air. And Krueger flicked his chrome lighter and blew the near pure alcohol mixture across the flame. Mister gobby squealed as the fireball engulfed its upper torso and face. It fell to the deck, twitching.

"I think I'll be taking that," he said, relieving the dying creature of its axe. "Ooh, heavy."

He then went to join the others. As he did, he saw Ogden's limp body take flight across the room.

"So, it's gonna be one of those kinds of days," he remarked.

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