Facing Fate

"Indeed, mister Krueger. Take care of it. Everyone else, I believe we have a guest to entertain," Ogden had just said.

The others looked hesitant, but Ogden was angry now. He didn't like fighting. But he'd finally escaped the prison of Earth's distant past and now this 'Fate' character was trying to snuff him out! He...? She...? It, wouldn't even listen to simple reason!

"Aaahhhh!" he screamed, charging Fate with his sword.

Ogden was strong- he'd have to be to wield a sword made of depleted uranium -but Fate easily parried his blows with just its bare hands. He swung this way and that, with blinding speed and not an insignificant amount of saliva flying through the air. And every time he was sure to land a killing blow, the damned thing would counter just as quickly!

"Oh Doctor, is this how you really wish to go down?" Fate said, an amused tone to its normally impassive, machine like voice.

"I'm... not... THE DOCTOR!" Ogden screamed, bringing his sword down with all his strength.

Fate raised an arm to block the brutal attack and the blade shattered on impact! The sheer force of it however knocked the creature back into a bulkhead. Ogden stood, chest heaving, the hilt of the shattered blade clutched in his hand. He looked down at it in complete disbelief.

"You actoo-awy howrt me," Fate said, looking down at its arm.

A spiderweb of cracks covered the once pristne, seamless exterior of Fate's forearm.

Ogden raised an eyebrow, "I recognize that voice!"

"Oh cwap! Oh now you don't," Fate said and charged.

It- or rather he, as Ogden now knew, swung, knocking the remnants of his sword from his hand. Then came the second blow, which sent him flying across the command center. The world around him blurred as he went airborne and then went black.

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